Ladyfest New Orleans 2011 is having TWO parades this year!

Wednesday, November 2

3:30 p.m.  Second Line Parade, gathering at City Hall.

Parade leaves at 4:00 and heads to St. Anna’s Church, 1313 Esplanade.

Route to be posted soon.

Saturday, November 5

6:00 p.m.  YeMaYa Parade presented by: Ladies Make Parades; starting from Buffa’s, 1001 Esplanade to The Maison, 508 Frenchmen St.

The YeMaYa Parade will be the first ever all-women, only-women walking parade in New Orleans. We have over 25 women’s parading groups ready to hit the streets together in an historic outpouring of music, dance, costumes, creativity and sisterhood. Our groups include: the Lady Buckjumpers, the Lady Rollers, the Pussyfooters, the Camel Toe Steppers, the Bearded Oysters, the Muff-a-lottas, the Sirens, and many more. Music provided by Mo’ Lasses, The Local Skank and more. Our theme this year is “Every Women a Queen.” Our parade logo is a crown, which symbolizes the inherent dignity and worth of all women.

Yemaya is the Yoruban Goddess of the Sea, a mother figure who fiercely protects women, children, and the ocean. She gave birth to all other orishas, and she traveled to the New World with her children who came here in chains. Her colors are blue and green and her symbols are the mermaid and the crescent moon. We name our parade in honor of her and ask for her blessing.

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