5th Anniversary CD

Ladyfest New Orleans 5th Anniversary Compilation CD

Available for sale for $10 at all venues during the festival.
Proceeds go to support the musicians.


1. Lynn Drury, “Frenchmen Street” (2:45)

2. Margie Perez, “You Ain’t The One” (4:18)

3. Jenn Howard, “On The Off Days” (4:02)

4. Beth Patterson, “Click” (3:39)

5. David and Roselyn, “Dirty Old Men” (2:34)

6. Gina Forsyth, “Sweet And Sunny South” (3:03)

7. Patrice Fisher, “Sao Cristovao” (5:11)

8. Olivia Greene, “NOLA Noël (I Just Can’t Wait For Christmas)” (2:47)

9. Potent Bathers, “Superheroes” (3:58)

10. Margie Perez, “Unrequited Love” (4:05)

11. Diana Thornton, “Gone By The River” (4:16)

12. David and Roselyn, “God Bless Me” (2:48)

13. Gina Forsyth, “Lord Have Mercy” (2:34)

14. Lynn Drury, “City Life” (4:40)

15. Diana Thornton, “Energy” (3:25)

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