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St Anna’s Episcopal Church, 1313 Esplanade

6:00 Mass – Women In The Bible
7:00 Danielle Wilson & The Truth
8:00 N*Harmone’

Balcony Music Club
1331 Decatur

6:00 Zena Moses
7:00 Wendy Darling
8:00 Magnolia Beacon featuring Meschiya Lake
9:00 Jayna Morgan
10:00 Jenn Howard

Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Bistro
1931 St. Claude

6:00 Kat Walker
7:00 Amy Trail
8:00 Miss Sophie Lee
9:00 Holley Bentdsen and Amasa Miller
10:00 Charmaine Neville
11:00 Michaela Harrison

Lost Love Lounge Poetry Power Day
2529 Dauphine St.

Noon Lady Baby Miss
1:00 Megan Harris
1:15 Laura Anne Baselar Brown
1:30 Melinda Palacio
1:45 Laura Mattingly
2:00 Heather Tammany
2:15 Sunday Angleton
2:30 Laurie Wiliams
2:45 Melanie Leavitt
3:00 Biljana Obradovic
3:15 David Leonard & Roselyn Lionhart
3:45 Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
4:00 Robin Kemp
4:15 Beverly Rainbolt
4:30 Gina Ferrara
4:45 Liz Garcia
5:00 Monica Miller
5:15 Cleopatra
5:30 Neti Vaan & Hannah Kreiger-Benson
with a introductory poem by Esme Vaandager
6:00 Lee Grue

Blue Nile Upstairs
532 Frenchmen

6:00 Beth Patterson
7:00 Lil Red and Big Bad
8:00 Ingrid Lucia
9:00 Susan Cowsill
10:00 Mary Lasseigne
11:00 Lynn Drury

Ashé Cultural Arts Center
1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.

1:00 Nattie
2:00 Margie Perez and Callie Hines
3:00 Ruby Moon
4:00 Monica MacIntyre
5:00 Zion Trinity

Zeitgeist Multi Disciplinary Arts Center Film Festival
1618 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.

Autumn Leonard, Master of Film from the University of Texas, BA in Drama from Yale has filmed a documentary: “After The Storm” featuring New Orleans musicians who fled to Austin, including performances by Cyril Neville, Henry Butler, Papa Mali and David and Roselyn. Two short pieces, “Hair Dues” a young mother trying to keep school, hopes for an Olympic medal and her daughter’s hair together and “Dirty Dirty Clean” on the interactive meditation of two stuldents.
Amelie Prescot’s, artist, Master of Psychology, born in New Orleans of Pawnee, Seminole and Creole heritage, trained in Bali and Nepal using art as a tool and a force for healing.
“Transcendent Dreams – Trauma and Transcendence in the Lower 9th Ward” work with the Children of the storm.
Jocelyln Marquis’ “Difficult Death” 2 min demo footage of upcoming feature film based on surrealist poet Rene Crevel’s “La Mort Difficile”.
“Plush” an experimental short featuring April Wilkner in a mixed media negative and reversal, acetate, vellum origami, paper, magic marker, color gels, water and colors from Jocelynmakespictures.com
Amelie Prescot’s 2nd landmark work and documentary with the Children of the Flood in the lower 9th Ward recovering from the storm related trauma resulting in art through healing eyes and reawakening the science of renewal.