Past Ladyfests

Past artists include:

MUSICIANS: Anais St. John, Amasa Miller, Banu Gibson, Barbara Short, Beth Patterson, Beth Trepagnier, Betty Shirley, Cassandra Falconer, Charmaine Neville, Cindy Scott, Cori Walters, David & Roselyn, Delia & Peter, Denise Marie, DixiE Rose, Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans, Estelle Campagne, Gina Forsyth, Topsy Chapman &, Solid Harmony, Frank & Cindy Mayes, Hazel & The Delta Ramblers, Holly Bentsen, Jan Clements, Julia LaShae, Kaye Reznick, Kelsy Mae, Lynn Drury, Lynn Magnuson, Manwitch, Margie Perez, Megan Swartz, Mimi Geste, Mo’Lasses New Orleans (mostly), Women’s Brass Band, Olga, Olivia Greene, Patrice Fisher, Paula & the Pontiacs, Pinettes, Rosalie “Lady Tambourine”, Washington, Slew foot & Cary B, Some Like It Hot, The Pfister Sisters, Tonia Scott & the Anointed Voices, Troi Bechet, Zion Trinity

POETS & SPOKEN WORD: Alex Mercedes, Andi Young, Audry, Asali DeVan, Delia Nakayama, Gina “Ginger” Bernal, Gina Ferrara, Karen Konnerth & Calliope, Puppets, Kay Murphy, Keshia Caldwell, Laura Mattingly, Lee Grue, Madeline Vann, Marcia Wall, Martha McFerren, Mona Lisa Saloy, Omaira Falcon, Roselyn Lionhart, Stacy Galkun, Sunni Patterson, Trista Douglass, Valentine Pierce, Wholesome, VISUAL ARTISTS, Allison Allison, Camille Buckley, Elyse Hackett, Jean Jordan, Kathy Connolly, Kristin Fouquet, Laura Bruno, Linda Rosamano, Lesley Wells, Maria Gotti, Melisa Cardona, Meredith Harper, Melinda Kelly, Natasha Sanchez, Olivia Greene, Pat Jolly, Renee’ Dodge, Terri O’Brien, Trish Poynot, Ze’ da Luz.

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  1. I love the arts especially, when it comes to supporting the women of all cultures. I can’t wait to be a part of this event.

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